Sean Hannity Asks WikiLeaks to Help Blame Russian Hacking on the CIA

Former Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin points to one of the great truths of the Trump Era, and it’s an ugly truth:

If only it ended with delusion. These people masquerade as American super-patriots but being pro-Trump is not the same as being pro-American. The Constitution trumps personal loyalty to Trump.

Yet you only have to look at their tweets to see just how deep the crazy goes, and to understand how the conspiracy theory feeding cycle works between Fox News and Donald Trump:

Sean Hannity is even talking Stalin-type purges of political opponents:

Now THAT is McCarthysim, Mr. Trump.

And then there is this remarkable tweet from Hannity:

What makes it remarkable is that this question of Hannity’s is posed in response to a WikiLeaks tweet:

So yes, just as Donald Trump asked Putin to hack Hillary Clinton, Hannity is now asking WikiLeaks to blame Russian hacking on our own intelligence agancy, the CIA.

As MSNBC’s Chris Hayes responded,

Obama speechwriter John Favreau had something to say as well:

This is real. This is not The Onion. Joy Reid got it in one when she parsed Hannity’s comments:

As Guantanamo prosecutor Col. Morris Davis puts it, “You can count on @FoxNews to give you the war criminal perspective on right and wrong” when they trot out Dr. James Mitchell, the architect of post-9/11 torture, to say

“What we need to do is relentlessly hunt these folks down because…they’re placing American lives at risk.”

Let’s not hunt down the Russians infiltrating our administration, however, let alone those asking WikiLeaks to help destroy our own intelligence agencies. Never that.

Trump named Fox News as his “state TV” but at this point, it is difficult to say whether Fox News serves Donald Trump or Vladimir Putin, or indeed, if there is any difference.