CNN’s Jake Tapper Devastates Russian Propaganda Outlet RT’s Attack on Him

Russia’s state-sponsored TV network Russia Today (RT) tried to target CNN’s Jake Tapper, which prompted him to repeatedly share ugly facts about how Russia treats opponents.

“How interesting that Russia’s government funded propaganda channel is targeting me. Why would that be?,” Tapper asked while drowning their propaganda efforts with human rights watch facts.

RT couldn’t find any real dirt on Tapper apparently so they went for the basement hope of creating drama over Tapper actually responding to people on Twitter, like… you know… journalists who aren’t working for the government in a propaganda service might do.

The RT hostess said, “It’s no secret CNN is a joke,” but she said Tapper does some okay work because he once did a negative story about Hillary Clinton (seriously this is so much worse than the last time I had to watch RT). However, she thought this was news worthy because Tapper participated on Twitter’s platform like a lot of U.S. journalists do– by responding to people who are not just other journalists and sharing sometimes negative tweets about themselves.

Here’s RT’s desperate attempt to find dirt on Tapper, watch it if you want to see how low RT has fallen:

Tapper responded as any good journalist would by linking to a Human Rights Watch Report on Russia from its World Report 2016:

“The Kremlin’s crackdown on civil society, media, and the Internet took a more sinister turn in 2015 as the government further intensified harassment and persecution of independent critics. For the fourth year in a row, parliament adopted laws and authorities engaged in repressive practices that increasingly isolated the country. Against the backdrop of the armed conflict in eastern Ukraine and sanctions against Russia over Crimea, anti-Western hysteria has been at its peak since the end of the Cold War.”

And reminding everyone:

And finally Tapper just went to the heart of it, writing in Russian (as translated via Google), “To RT: Think about how you oppress your people. You are sad and miserable trolls. XO Jake”

Russia Today targeting Jake Tapper is as subtle and Donald Trump asking Putin to hack Hillary Clinton for him.

Gotta hand it to RT though, this is real effort to take down Jake Tapper. I mean, this really tries to teach him not to report on Donald Trump’s Russia problem and the truth about Putin. Jake Tapper responds to people on twitter and that is so horrible, it just proves he is a real journalist and not a propaganda hack that the Kremlin’s propaganda outlet of RT is making a great point – Russia, where journalists die, thinks Jake Tapper is a bad journalist. Duly noted.

RT managed to tick Tapper off into doing that thing that real journalists do when they are mad, which is reporting on the facts that are behind the attack. They came at him with made up drama about his twitter account, and he responded with hard, horrific facts about how Russia treats its opponents.

And that, RT, is how we do it here in the land of the free, because Putin hasn’t succeeded in undermining our democracy yet.