Intelligence Analyst Delivers Good News: Trump’s Constitutional Crimes Are Being Handled

The same analyst who predicted a week ago (and they are) that the least convenient facts in American political history were about to hit Trump went on a twitter rant Saturday telling everyone to calm the heck down.

Yes, it’s true your Republican Congress is not doing their job, strategic analyst for businesses and government agencies Eric Garland wrote, but the Trump Russia and Trump emoluments clause violations are being handled.

These things take time. Oh, and to be clear, the man who has spent 18 years in the business of competitive intelligence and strategy wrote, “This isn’t what *nothing* looks like. It’s what a professional rollup of a massive counterintelligence op looks like with a madman as POTUS.”

Read and enjoy the rest of your Saturday:

Yesterday’s revelation that Donald Trump gave paid foreign agent Michael Flynn top access to our secrets and put him in charge of our National Security was not a small deal:

It’s true when you look at how long things took with former President Nixon– the drops are fast and furious on Trump.

The intelligence drops keep coming:

Anxious? Garland says to call your Congressional representatives and tell them respectfully to do their jobs (I would suggest sending them an American flag as a big hint as well, but that’s just me):

Channel the hysteria, which frankly is understandable with our country under assault by a hostile foreign government with an agenda to undermine western Democracy. But we need to keep our eyes on the ball.

Right now one ball is stuck in Congress, with Republicans failing to stand up for their country. Focus on them. Write letters, show up at town halls, demand answers. Wave a Russian flag.

But also, have some faith in what we are seeing. When Congress failed us, our intelligence communities and media stepped up. They are doing their jobs. These things take time. Stay engaged, stay insistent, but most of all, stay hopeful.

Breathe deeply the free air, and use your energy wisely to resist.

Garland added after reading this: