Trump Is at Golf Course Again Today For The 9th Time in 7 Weeks

Donald Trump doesn’t seem intent on getting much done from the Oval Office, but he’s all about hanging out at the golf course. One guess where he is today:

It is unknown if Trump is actually playing golf or engaging in more public conversations about national security matters.

Trump has been widely criticized for his hypocrisy after repeatedly attacking President Obama for playing golf instead of running the country, and with good reason.

He promised he would be too busy working for us to play golf, but like his other promises, this one hasn’t come to pass.

It’s not like he has a country to run. Or rather, he does, but just as Paul Ryan doesn’t know how to draft a health care bill, Donald Trump doesn’t know how to run the country. So he plays golf. And holds rallies.

The conclusion is inescapable: Donald Trump isn’t a president. He just plays one on TV as he is proving again today.

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