Bad News Piles On Trump As The FBI Is Cooperating With Russia Investigation

Rep. Adam Schiff (D-CA), the top Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, announced that the FBI has reversed itself and increased their level of cooperation into the congressional Trump/Russia investigation.


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Rep. Schiff said on ABC’s This Week, “But I do want to give you one other update, George. I have been very critical of the FBI and their willingness to cooperate in the investigation. I can say that that’s substantially changed. And I’m now very pleased at the level of cooperation we’re getting from the FBI. I hope that continues. There’s still more to be ironed out along those lines, but I think that’s moved in a very positive direction.”

The FBI’s increased cooperation came after Rep. Schiff publicly criticized the Bureau for withholding information from Congress, and Trump’s DOJ refused to release a statement clearing the FBI of wiretapping Trump during the campaign.
Increased FBI cooperation is bad news for Trump because it means congressional investigators will have more intelligence information.

It was a bad idea for the Trump administration to alienate FBI Director Comey. In spite of the best efforts of the White House and Trump’s defenders in Congress to bury the Russia scandal, the pieces are coming together, as the bad news piles up for President Trump.