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Fox News Panics After CBO Report And Begs GOP To Immediately Abandon Trumpcare

Fox News appears to be in a state of panic following the CBO’s devastating finding that 24 million Americans would lose health insurance coverage under Trumpcare, with right-wing host of The Five, Eric Bolling, begging Republicans to abandon the plan immediately.

Bolling said the Trump-supported GOP bill needs to be scrapped and Republican lawmakers should “come back with a plan that works.”


Bolling said:

I think they need to scrap this. I think the leadership, Paul Ryan and the rest of the leadership pulled the wool over President Trump’s eyes. They said it was going to be better, it was going to be cheaper, it was going to insure the same amount of people at a lower price, and it’s not. The CBO came out with basically the same price. We’re talking $337 billion over 10 years, that’s $33.7 billion a year. That’s a drop in the bucket. But one of the things that Obamacare was imploding, one of the ways we showed that Obamacare was imploding in itself, was that fewer people were going to be insured in 2026. That’s true, 28 million fewer people would’ve been insured under Obamacare. The problem is, 52 million people are going to be uninsured under this plan according to the CBO right now. Look, is there a plan out there that can work? Yeah. But go back, start over, and come back with a plan that works.

If Republicans are losing the Eric Bolling vote, then it’s clear they’re in big trouble.

With even the most extreme conservatives opposing this plan, Republicans are miles away from repealing the Affordable Care Act. They are figuring out, as Trump said last month, that health care is “so complicated.”

While the GOP is just learning this now, it’s something Democrats have known for a long time, since they’ve been the only party fighting to reform the system and provide access to health care for more Americans.

The Affordable Care Act isn’t perfect, and it was never intended to solve all the ills of America’s health care system, but it was a huge step toward providing more coverage to those that didn’t have insurance and more protections and benefits for those that did. It’s the reason why the uninsured rate is the lowest it’s ever been.

Instead of jamming a bill with bipartisan opposition down the throats of the American people, Republicans need to acknowledge that dismantling Obamacare would be devastating and instead work toward making it better.

Unfortunately, that’s unlikely to happen since the GOP’s goal has nothing to do with helping Americans get health care and everything to do with playing politics.

Sean Colarossi currently resides in Cleveland, Ohio. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree in Journalism from the University of Massachusetts Amherst and was an organizing fellow for both of President Obama’s presidential campaigns. He also worked with Planned Parenthood as an Affordable Care Act Outreach Organizer in 2014, helping northeast Ohio residents obtain health insurance coverage.

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