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Trump DOJ Ignores Deadline, Says It Needs More Time To Find Nonexistent Wiretapping Evidence

Blowing past a Monday deadline to provide nonexistent wiretapping evidence to the House Intelligence Committee, Donald Trump’s Department of Justice – run by Attorney General Jeff Sessions – is asking for more time to justify the president’s insane conspiracy theory.

In a statement, Justice Department spokesperson Sarah Isgur Flores said,”The Department of Justice placed calls to representatives of the Chairman and Ranking Member of the United States House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence to ask for additional time to review the request in compliance with the governing legal authorities and to determine what if any responsive documents may exist.”

The reason they want more time? Perhaps because evidence to substantiate Trump’s bogus and dangerous claim does not exist.

The Justice Department’s request comes on the same day White House spokesman Sean Spicer tried to walk back Trump’s claim, saying that the president should not have been taken literally because he used quotes in his tweets that mentioned wiretapping.

But, as per usual, Spicer was lying.

Trump repeatedly accused President Obama of tapping Trump Tower phones, several times without that punctuation, like this tweet:

No quotes, no spell-check.

This is what happens when a delusional conspiracy theorist is in power. Instead of tackling major issues, the country is forced to endure the Trump administration’s baseless claims, straight from the Breitbart-Alex Jones dumpster, and then watch the president’s henchmen (and women) waste airtime trying to defend the allegations.

Meanwhile, millions of Americans are on the verge of losing their health insurance, too many students still can’t afford a college education, and the minimum wage is still a poverty wage.

The Trump administration needs to give up and admit that the president was lying, like normal, and get back to pretending to do some work.

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