Rachel Maddow Shatters Trump’s World By Exposing His Tax Returns On Live TV

Rachel Maddow’s show on Tuesday night was one for the ages, as she shattered Donald Trump’s world by revealing a portion of his 2005 tax returns on live national television at a time when her audience is larger than it’s ever been.

Maddow revealed just some of Trump’s tax documents from 2005, which were acquired by David Cay Johnston.


The tax returns Maddow exposed on Tuesday showed that Trump made $150 million in 2005 and paid $36.5 million (or 24 percent) in taxes when those in his income bracket were required to pay 35 percent that year.

As Johnston also noted on MSNBC, Trump made $418,000 a day in 2005.

Unfortunately, while the documents showed how much Trump earned in income and paid in taxes, it still doesn’t show the source of that income – which is the most important part of this story, due to Trump’s questionable ties to Russia.

Throughout the campaign and during his first two months in the White House, Trump and his team have stubbornly refused to release any of his tax returns – unprecedented for a presidential candidate and, now, president.

Maddow’s exclusive reporting on Tuesday finally gave the American people a much-deserved glimpse behind the curtain when it comes to Trump’s finances. Hopefully, this is just the beginning of more to come.