Trump Finally Agrees To An Interview – With Fox News Hack Jesse Watters

Aside from delusional tweets and brief photo ops where he refuses to take questions, Donald Trump has made himself pretty much unavailable to the media.

That will finally change this week, when Trump has agreed to sit down for an interview on Air Force One. The bad news? It’s with Fox News hack Jesse Watters.

The two men will sit down on Wednesday before Trump’s campaign rally – yes, he’s still doing those – but it won’t air until this weekend during Watters’ show, “Watters’ World.” Fox says Trump and Watters will talk about the unpopular GOP health care bill, immigration, and the economy.

What many Americans are probably wondering, though, is who is Jesse Watters even is.

You may remember him from his “ridiculously racist segment” on Fox News last year, when he mocked Asian-Americans.

It’s these types of segments that have made Watters popular among Fox-viewing Trump supporters, but not so popular among those who live in a reality-based world.

Watters isn’t a real journalist. He’s a right-wing mouthpiece, which means you can expect to hear Trump grilled with hard-hitting questions about his favorite foods and how he’s been able to put up with the “fake” press.

Forcing the president to give substantive responses to growing questions about his ties to Russia and his paranoid claims that President Obama wiretapped the phones at Trump Tower likely won’t be on the agenda – which gives us a clue about why the president chose Watters. Trump is too much of a coward to take responsibility for the disastrous first two months of his presidency.

It’s beginning to look like Donald Trump will try to coast through the next four years without having to face real questions from credible reporters.

Picture: Twitter