The Truth Comes Out As Sean Spicer Admits Trump’s Goal Is To Take Insurance Away From Poor People


Press Secretary Sean Spicer stumbled over his words during the White House press and admitted the truth, Trump’s goal on health care isn’t to provide health insurance to everyone, but to allow people to buy the insurance, which means that no money equals no insurance.



Spicer was asked about Trump’s promise to provide healthcare for everyone.

The White House Press Secretary answered, “I think the president’s goal is to provide insurance, make insurance available to everybody. Yes. I think that is the goal of this to make sure that every American has access and a choice of an affordable plan that they can buy, and that’s not what they have now.”

The point of Trumpcare isn’t to provide health insurance, but to provide access to health insurance, and the quality of the coverage will depend on what a person can afford to pay. If a person can afford to pay nothing, they will have no insurance. With Trumpcare both ending the Medicaid expansion and cutting federal payments to the program itself, it means millions of children, seniors, people with disabilities and financially struggling Americans will have nowhere to go for their healthcare.

Somebody has to pay for that big tax cut for the wealthy in the Republicans health care bill, and the people who are going pay are those who can least afford to lose their coverage.

Donald Trump doesn’t believe that healthcare is a human right, so by design, the Republican health care bill will take coverage away from poor people.

Americans will get the healthcare that they can afford to buy, and if a person can’t afford to buy it, they won’t have coverage.