Fox News’s Own Poll Shows That Trump Is Failing As President

After two months of scandal and incompetence, Donald Trump and the Republican-dominated Congress are the most unpopular people in Washington, D.C.

According to a new Fox News poll released on Wednesday, the president’s approval rating is under water by eight points, with a majority – 51 percent – of the country expressing disapproval with the job he’s done so far. Only 43 percent give him positive marks.

Since Fox’s last poll measuring Trump’s support, the president has seen his rating drop by five points.

This should come as no surprise as the Trump has spent the first weeks of his presidency doing very little work, instead choosing to sign unconstitutional executive orders, tweet unfounded accusations about President Obama, and try to cover up his administration’s obvious ties to Russia.

On health care, which has dominated the political discourse over the past several weeks, Trump’s numbers are even worse, with just 35 percent of the country saying they approve of his handling of the issue.

Overall, just 34 percent of the country supports Trumpcare, which means it will be political suicide for the president and his Republican allies if they continue trying to ram it through Congress.

All of this is doing major damage to the party’s brand, with a dismal 29 percent of the country saying they approve of Republican lawmakers.

But the GOP shouldn’t just be afraid of how negatively the American people view them. They should also worry about the things (and people) the respondents said they do like.

According to the survey, Bernie Sanders (61 percent positive rating), Planned Parenthood (57 percent), and the Affordable Care Act (50 percent) are the most favorably viewed items on a list of more than a dozen that Fox listed.

Ultimately, that the American people are siding with Democrats as they stand united against the efforts of Trump and Republicans to roll back the progress of President Barack Obama’s two terms in office.

As Trump doubles down on defending a disastrous heath care bill, all while peddling paranoid conspiracy theories and covering up his connections to Russia, these numbers aren’t likely to improve anytime soon.

It’s no wonder he held a campaign rally in Tennessee on Wednesday.