Trump Is So Unpopular That Car Companies Offered Bribes To Autoworkers To Attend Detroit Speech

Car companies offered to feed and pay union autoworkers to attend Donald Trump’s speech in Detroit, Michigan.

The Detroit Free Press reported, “The Detroit Three are offering to bus workers from auto plants across southeast Michigan to President Donald Trump’s rally in Ypsilanti on Wednesday — a move that is drawing criticism from at least two union officials who say the president doesn’t really support American workers, and that they don’t want UAW members to become political props. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles and General Motors told workers they will transport them to and from Trump’s rally, provide lunch and cover their pay for the day if they miss a shift at their plant. Ford will do the same, but will not cover their pay.”

Trump is an anti-union president. The Trumpcare plan would be horrible for autoworkers. Trump keeps talking about building plants and creating manufacturing jobs, but he never discusses pay and benefits. Trump tried to appoint an enemy of labor to be Labor Secretary.

This is not a president who will fight for the rights of workers. Trump’s Michigan speech itself was a rehash of the 2016 election and empty promises.

Trump is so unpopular that the auto companies had to bribe workers to attend his speech. To put it mildly, the Trump presidency is not going well.