Trump’s Own Attorney General Just Killed His Allegation That Obama Wiretapped Him

Attorney General Jeff Sessions was asked by reporters if he gave Trump any information that Trump Tower was wiretapped during the campaign. He answered by saying, “um, no.”


Here is a transcript of Sessions answer:

Um, no, but I really can’t comment on that is another kill shot to an idea that it seems only President Trump believes. When Trump’s own Attorney General is telling reporters that he didn’t give the President the idea that Obama wiretapped him, it is clear signal that even his own administration is trying to run away from the crazy.

If the DOJ won’t investigate the allegation, and Congress has been saying that they will lump it in with other topics they are looking at, President Trump is not going to get the distraction away from the Russia scandal that he deeply desires.

When even his Attorney General pal bails on him, things have taken a major wrong turn for Donald Trump.

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