Bernie Sanders Defends Real America And Obliterates Trump’s Budget In Just 94 Words

Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT) didn’t need many words to express his feeling of disgust and contempt for President Trump’s first budget.

In a statement provided to PoliticusUSA, Sen. Sanders said, “President Trump’s budget is morally obscene and bad economic policy. It will cause devastating pain to the very people Trump promised to help during the campaign. At a time of massive income and wealth inequality, when 43 million Americans are living in poverty, and half of older Americans have no retirement savings, we should not slash programs that senior citizens, children, and working people rely on in order to provide a massive increase in spending to the military industrial complex. Trump’s priorities are exactly opposite of where we should be heading as a nation.”

Sanders was correct on all counts. The Trump budget is bad economic policy. Trump wants to take government aid away from people that need it the most, and give tax dollars to people who need them the least. Because of the multiplier effect, every dollar spent on assistance for a poor or retired individual benefits the economy. Studies have demonstrated that taking resources from the people at the bottom and giving them to the people at the top does not grow the economy.

On a human level, what Trump is proposing is appalling. The President wants to harm tens of millions of Americans because he doesn’t view their well-being as a priority.

Much ink has already been spilled discussing Trump’s budget, but Bernie Sanders has it right. The Trump budget doesn’t need thousands of words of explanation. A few words can adequately explain how morally wrong and unjustifiable, Trump’s vision for America is.