Laughter Ensues After GOP Congressman Gives Trump A “Solid A” For His Job Performance


During CNN’s The Messy Truth with Van Jones on Thursday, Republican congressman Chris Collins of New York said that Donald Trump deserves a “solid A” for the job he’s done so far – and the crowd quickly laughed at his poor grading skills.



With a straight face, Collins said Trump deserves a “solid A.”

He continued: “He’s doing everything that he promised he would do – working to secure our borders, took us out of TPP, has the best cabinet that has never been assembled in history.”

The best cabinet in history? Has he talked to Betsy DeVos? What about Jeff Sessions? Steve Mnuchin? Anyone?

This was definitely an appropriate time for laughter, but it’s also terrifying that a member of Congress could say, with a straight face, that Trump – after a disastrous two months in the White House – is doing a great job.

It’s particularly troubling since his comments come as the president continues perpetuating the myth that President Barack Obama wiretapped Trump Tower, despite bipartisan agreement in Congress that there is no evidence to support such a ridiculous claim.

If Collins’ view of reality is this distorted, perhaps it’s time for the voters in New York’s 27th district to reconsider sending him back to Congress in 2018.