McDonald’s Calls Trump A Disgusting Excuse For A President In Golden Arches Smack Down

The official McDonald’s Twitter account was used to tweet a form of political protest on Thursday as someone tweeted to President Trump that he was a disgusting excuse for a president and that McDonald’s wanted Barack Obama back.

The since-deleted tweet as it was screen captured:

The tweet managed to also insult Donald Trump’s hand size, so major points for the creativity to the hacker/rogue McDonald’s tweeter who made this happen. As far as acts of mischief are concerned, hacks of social media accounts are not cool, but if an employee or outside individual was so disgusted by Trump that they felt compelled to engage in this act of political protest, it is understandable.

The general suspicion is that someone with access to McDonald’s Twitter account went rogue on their last day with the company, and made their feelings known about this president. If this is the case, soon to be former McDonald’s employee, you are not alone.

Hundreds of millions of Americans agree with you, and your tweet may be the best thing to happen to McDonald’s since the McRib.