Steve King Says GOP Colleagues Have Been “Patting Me On The Back” Since His Racist Comment

If you thought this week’s racist rant by GOP Congressman Steve King makes him an outlier inside of the Republican Party, think again. In fact, the party now appears to be embracing King, along with his David Duke-approved white supremacy.

According to King himself, he’s gotten nothing but positive feedback from GOP colleagues since his comments earlier in the week in which he said, “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

Tweet via The Hill reporter Cristina Marcos:

The next time your Republican friends claim that white nationalists don’t represent any part of the GOP, remember that Steve King – who shouldn’t even have a seat in Congress at this point – is now being embraced by his fellow GOP colleagues after tweeting (and later defending) this:

While it’s still a stretch to say that King is speaking for the majority of Republicans, it’s undeniable that his worldview is becoming more and more accepted in Republican circles. In fact, it’s part of why Donald Trump is even sitting in the White House today.

Trump’s campaign was fueled by bigotry and minority resentment, often painting minorities and immigrants as the enemy and lashing out at America’s changing demography. All of this won the support of white supremacists like David Duke and allowed folks like Steve King to proudly spew their racism on a daily basis without any real repercussions.

This is the Republican Party under Donald Trump, and 2018 can’t come soon enough.