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Hillary Clinton Gets Sweet Revenge And Slices Trump To Bits With A Single Tweet

Hillary Clinton took to Twitter and cut the failing Trump presidency down to size with a single tweet.

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Clinton tweeted:

Former Sec. Clinton used Trump’s favorite method of communication (Twitter) to show America just what kind of inept and in over his head failure of a president that the country is dealing with. For anyone wondering if Clinton is over the Electoral College loss, her tweet provides an answer. I am not sure how well anyone would be over winning the popular vote by 3 million votes but losing the election because of 78,000 votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin.

People who actually understand how government works are expressing awe over Trump’s ignorance that is bordering on criminal cluelessness. Health care is a hard that is why it took Democrats more than four decades to pass substantial health care reform. Diplomacy is exhausting, but the reward is peace. Yes, Russians spy which is why it isn’t a good idea for a presidential campaign to potentially collaborate with them to win an election.

Hillary Clinton is the kind of competent president that the country could have had. Instead, the nation is being dominated by insane wiretapping conspiracies and Russia scandal that inches closer to paralyzing the US government by the day.

In her post-politics life, Hillary Clinton has demonstrated a talent that no one knew existed. She is master Internet troll of Donald Trump.

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