Opinion: American Air Strike On Syrian Mosque Claims 56 Innocent Civilians

It is typical of a Republican who never served in the military, and in fact sought myriad ways to avoid serving, to lust to send other Americans into harm’s way; even when there is no threat to America. Trump is that kind of Republican, and it should have been apparent to anyone with a pulse that when he said about two weeks ago that he wanted America to start winning wars, he intended to start conflicts; no matter how many Muslim civilians he has to kill to achieve his goals.

Less than a week ago the New York Times reported that Trump was working to “loosen counterterrorism rules” by abolishing President Obama’s restrictions specifically meant to avoid civilian casualties. It looks as if the shackles have come off according to multiple reports from multiple credible sources that an American air attack struck a Syrian Mosque during evening prayers. The American air strike was part of Trump’s new approach to “counterterrorism” with little to no rules.

It is worth remembering that Trump promised during the presidential campaign that he would “take out the families” of suspected terrorists; innocent families mind you, of “suspected terrorists.” A more accurate, and honest, pledge would have been that he would take out innocent civilians because they are Muslims, and that he will “take them out” while they are practicing their Muslim religion in their Muslim houses of worship in their Muslim countries. On Friday he followed through and directed the air force to bomb a building in a tiny village across a small street from a Mosque in Syria to kill terrorists during the evening prayers. “At least 56 and possibly as many as 70” innocent civilian worshippers perished as they prayed because they are Muslims.

A reporter for Al Jazeera, Natasha Ghoneim, said Centcom admitted it carried out an air strike in Idlib, but that the precise location of the attack was still in question, so the mosque couldn’t possibly have been hit. But Centcom also said the target was just across the street in the tiny village and about 50 feet from the mosque. And since witnesses reported seven missile strikes, it is hard to understand how the military can claim the mosque wasn’t hit. Maybe it wasn’t really “deliberately targeted,” but that is something no-one will ever know. However, Trump did promise to “take out ‘suspected’ terrorists’ families” so it is not out of the realm of possibility that with him in the White House, little care was taken during the targeting.

The United States Central Command released a “typically vague statement” about their intent to investigate allegations of civilian casualties. As one observer noted, no matter the American military’s denials that the Mosque wasn’t “deliberately targeted,” the proof that Mosque was hit is undeniable and rescue workers pulling bodies and body parts out of the rubble tell a contrary story to “the mosque wasn’t hit.”

This is at least the second Trump administration attack that has claimed innocent civilians and although bombs are prone to collateral damage, there seems to be very little attempt to spare innocent civilians because they are Muslims. The Trump’s effort to “loosen counterterrorism rules” put in place by President Obama appear to have met with success.

If Muslims needed any more reason to hate America, Trump just gave them yet another one and it is by design. Remember, the one thing Trump and his puppet master Steve Bannon want more than anything on Earth is a terror attack on Americans to launch wars against Muslims. Remember too, that there is a good reason Trump promised that when he is in the White House America will start winning wars again. Coupled with his proposal to slash funding for diplomacy, and attacks that kill innocent Muslim civilians, Trump is intent on creating reasons to start wars.