Massive Protest Planned Against Trump As 340,000 Workers To Strike On May 1

A massive protest is being planned against Donald Trump as at least 340,000 will walk off the job and strike around the country on May 1.

Buzzfeed News reported, “Almost 350,000 service workers plan to strike on May 1, a traditional day for labor activism across the world, in the most direct attempt yet by organized labor to capture the energy from a resurgent wave of activism across the country since the election of Donald Trump.”

300,000 fast food workers and 40,000 unionized service workers plan to strike. The workers correctly believe that they are in the crosshairs of the Trump administration. The Trump immigration actions, healthcare bill, and budget would all hurt workers who are often classified as the working people. These are the people who work 2 or 3 low wage service industry jobs and struggle to keep food on the table, rent paid, and the lights on.

The Trump administration represents the biggest threat to workers since the presidency of Ronald Reagan. Trump has a stated goal of busting unions and lowering wages. The President is fond of promising “good jobs” for people, but he never defines what he considers to be a good job. There is a very good reason why Trump never talks about wages and pay.

Trump intends to take away labor law protections from workers and reduce wages.

As a candidate, Trump argued that wages must be kept low, “Whether it’s taxes or wages, if they’re too high we’re not going to be able to compete with other countries.”

Trump wants only two classes to exist in America, the rich, and everyone else.

Workers need to take to the streets often to fight back against this administration. 340,000 is a good start, but millions more will need to join the fight to stop Trump.