NATO Ambassador Schools Trump After President Humiliates Himself In Front Of The World

Donald Trump was schooled by a former NATO ambassador after he humiliated himself by showing that he doesn’t know how NATO works.

Trump tweeted:

Former NATO Ambassador Ivo Daalder took to Twitter to explain to Trump how NATO works:

Daalder was the US Ambassador to NATO from 2009-2013, so he knows what he is talking about.

No wonder the meeting with Angela Merkel was such an awkward disaster. Trump is making demands for something that he knows nothing about. The President appears to be under the delusion that the US runs NATO, that NATO is sort of US Mar-a-Lago, and it is up to Trump to collect the dues for this private club.

The fact that Trump is trying to weaken NATO only strengthens the suspicions that he is Putin’s stooge. The US government is being led by a man who knows nothing about how government works. Every single moment that Donald Trump steps onto the world stage is more humiliation for the United States of America.

Trump’s ignorance is an embarrassment because when the President Of United States humiliates himself, he also humiliates the entire country.