A Bombshell Lawsuit Accuses Trump Of Lying And Illegally Hiding His Personal Debts


President Trump is being sued for lying to the public by hiding his personal debts in violation of government rules on his personal disclosure form.

The lawsuit accuses Trump of:


In simple terms, The Ethics In Government Act requires public disclosure of the personal financial liabilities of presidential and vice presidential candidates. By not providing a public disclosure of his financial liabilities, Donald Trump broke the law.

The plaintiff in the case doesn’t want money. He wants the court to order Donald Trump to make public a full disclosure of his debts. Since Trump refuses to comply with law, attorney Jeffrey Lovitky wants the court to order the president to make the information public.

The Trump family isn’t going to voluntarily release a single document. The Republican congressional majority is going to protect Trump’s secrets from being shared with the public. The only way that questions will be answered about Trump’s finances and potential conflicts of interest are if a court orders the release of the documents.

This lawsuit is a nightmare for Trump and Republicans.
Trump can’t hide the facts forever. The walls are closing in on him, and all it will take is one court order for the truth to start to be revealed about this president.