Comey Testimony Suggests Trump May Have Committed Impeachable Offense With Obama Wiretap Claim

FBI Director James Comey destroyed President Trump’s claim that Obama wiretapped him by saying that the FBI has no evidence that Obama wiretapped him, and that presidents can’t order surveillance, which raises the question, was Trump’s lie an impeachable offense?


FBI Director James Comey completely wiped out President Trump’s claim that Obama wiretapped him. Comey said that the FBI has no evidence that Trump was ever wiretapped, and that it is impossible for presidents to order surveillance. Comey took apart every element of the Trump conspiracy.

The fact that the FBI Director has testified that the President Of The United States lied about a US intelligence operation is a potentially impeachable offense. Smearing Obama with libel was horrible, but Donald Trump, as Commander-In-Chief promoted a lie about the government that he is supposed to be leading.

The constitutional definition of high crimes and misdemeanors is vague. Ironically, it was the same vague language that allowed Republicans to try to impeach Bill Clinton for personal conduct that had no relationship to his official duties as president in the 1990s.

By pursuing impeachment of Clinton, Republicans set a very low standard. It is possible that there are other more grave offenses that Trump could be impeached for, but at this time, it is a worthy question to ask.

Is the misleading of the country by the President Of The United States an impeachable offense?

Thanks to James Comey, Donald Trump may soon find out.

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