A Democratic Congressman Just Caught Trump In 2 Massive Russia Lies

The ranking member of the Intelligence Committee Adam Schiff (D-CA) debunked two massive lies in the Trump administration’s pushback on James Comey’s testimony during an interview on CNN.


Rep. Schiff responded to Trump’s claim that there was no evidence of collusion or that the interference by the Russians changed the election by saying, “Yes, and I asked the Director of the FBI of that today, was this because you have an ongoing investigation and you’re not going to release that in an assessment public, and his answer was that’s right. We’re not going to include that, and it wasn’t included, so to point to that assessment, and say there’s no evidence in that assessment of collusion. Well, yes, that assessment didn’t cover that issue. Similarly, the Trump administration is trying to argue that there is no evidence that there’s no evidence that the interference by the Russians affected the outcome of the election. That is not true.”

The more Trump pushes back with lies on Russia, the deeper the White House digs the hole.

The points that Trump and his White House are using to push back against the facts are flat out not true. With each lie, this White House feeds the scandal and makes it grow. Donald Trump has been able to lie his way out of trouble as a private citizen for his entire life, but as president, there is nowhere for Trump to hide. His lies catch up to him.

With Trump and his White House on the run, Democrats have seized the offensive as this president takes his lack of credibility to new lows with each falsehood he spins.