Trump Refuses To Apologize To Obama Even After FBI Knocks Down False Wiretap Allegation

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer said Monday that President Trump won’t apologize to President Obama for his false wiretapping claim, even though FBI Director James Comey testified today that it never happened.

Then Spicer tried to suggest that “nothing has changed,” even the the FBI confirmed for the first time today that it is investigating possible connections between Russia and the Trump camp.

NBC’s Bradd Jaffy noted the willful blindness (my words):

Donald Trump won’t apologize for the accusations that he made based on his conspiracy oriented beliefs.

We are back to Donald Trump the birther; the one who won the Republican primary.

Only this time he’s in the White House, with his hand on the red button.

Nothing has changed? Oh, except for the confirmation that Donald Trump is being investigated by the FBI for possible collusion with the Russians, who did interfere in the U.S. election in order to get him elected.

Spicer tried to claim that the media has carried on this Russia narrative, “There’s an assumption, that because there’s an investigation, it must be about something.”

Well, yes. A real investigation, unlike say a conspiracy-oriented investigation or accusation, is based upon evidence suggesting that there might have been a crime committed. Unlike Donald Trump calling Hillary Clinton guilty because her emails were being “investigated”, an investigation does not mean that Trump is guilty. It means there was enough evidence to warrant an investigation.

And for the Trump White House, by “enough evidence” I do not mean to suggest anything found in the microwave or Alex Jones’ InfoWars. I mean actual evidence.

Somewhere President Obama is trying very hard to hide his Obama “WTF” face.

Even if Obama is used to this kind of treatment, that doesn’t make it okay. The former President had to let a lot of things roll off of his back while he was president, but this is more than an insult. This is an allegation of criminal activity, waged without evidence by the most corrupt president in modern history against the most ethical president in recent history.

Donald Trump might be unwilling to apologize, but that doesn’t mean that the American people shouldn’t demand that he apologize. This discredited smear by the birther chief must not be allowed to stand.

It’s despicable and disgusting.