Trump Reacts to Terrible Poll Results by Calling CNN ‘Fake News’

Donald Trump, or somebody close to him, has been watching TV again, CNN this time rather than Fox, and after protesting his innocence earlier, tweeted about his terrible poll numbers:

Of course, CNN’s election polls were not “way off” at all. Donald Trump barely squeaked by, not only losing the popular vote but winning by one of the lowest electoral margins in history.

And there was a day when Donald Trump liked CNN’s polling, as Maldita Hemeroteca pointed out:

Donald Trump is very sensitive to his poll numbers and always has been because they’ve always been iffy at best. He was historically unpopular before the election and he has gotten only more unpopular since – now resting at just 9 points above Richard Nixon when he resigned.

Trump, of course, insists he’s hugely popular and that any news that says otherwise is “fake news” but the only real fake news here is Trump’s wishful thinking and his rejection of our shared reality.