CNN’s Jake Tapper Blasts Fox News For False Statement About Comey Testimony

CNN’s Jake Tapper called out Fox and Friends for making a false statement while trying to downplay FBI Director James Comey’s disclosure that the FBI is investigating the Trump campaign for coordinating with Russia during the 2016 election.

Here is what Fox and Friends tweeted:

CNN’s Jake Tapper called out Fox:

Reporting on the Comey testimony was a good test of media credibility. Any network or outlet that tried to downplay the fact that FBI Director admitted that the campaign of the now president is under federal investigation lacks credibility. Any network that doesn’t acknowledge that FBI Director debunked a Trump’s conspiracy theory that Obama wiretapped him can’t be trusted to provide accurate information.

Jake Tapper was correct. What Fox and Friends tweeted was false. Fox News is trying to downplay Comey’s testimony because they want viewers to ignore the Russia scandal. The way Fox is handling the Russia story illustrates how serious and potentially damaging the scandal is for Republicans and Trump.

Fox News can try, but real journalists aren’t going let them mislead America about the Trump/Russia scandal.