Maxine Waters Condemns House Committee’s Focus on Trump’s ‘Incendiary Tweets’

California Democrat Rep. Maxine Waters, Ranking Member of the House Financial Services Committee, issued a statement regarding the first day of hearings by Rep. Devin Nunes’ House Intelligence Committee. Waters found,

“The House Intel Republicans’ exclusive focus…on the leaks and not on the Russian cyberattacks…more in line with President Trump’s incendiary tweets than the actual intelligence the members received from the public servants charged with ensuring our national security.”

Read Waters’ full statement below:

Waters echoed previous calls for a “bipartisan, independent commission to investigate the Russian interference in our election and possible collusion with the Trump campaign.”

This is certainly what is needed. Neither the House nor the Senate Intelligence Committees are eager to pursue connections between the Trump campaign and Russia, preferring to focus instead on Trump’s complaints about leaks.

Obviously, the leaks themselves are far less important than what has been leaked, which is that was collusion between the Trump team and Russia as part of an effort to get Donald Trump elected as president of the United States.

Only an independent commission will pursue the threat posed to U.S. national security by Russian hacking and possible collusion with Trump officials.

Waters is correct to condemn the Republican focus in the hearings. There is plenty of evidence already, as Comey’s testimony verifies. Republicans simply refuse to consider it.