NBC’s Katy Tur Sends GOP Rep. Dave Brat Into A Crazy Conspiratorial Melt Down With Facts

On MSNBC’s MTP Daily, Katy Tur turned Rep. Dave Brat (R-VA) into a far right conspiracy mess as the House Republican tried his best to defend Donald Trump.


Tur asked Rep. Brat (R-VA) if the American people should trust Trump. Brat tried to defend Trump on the wiretap.

Brat said that everybody should put their chips on the table and there will be no news story.

Tur pointed out that FBI Comey was rather definitive that there was no wiretapping of Trump Tower.

Rep. Brat replied, “Yeah, and by who right?

Tur, “By who? By President Obama, which is what Donald Trump said.”

Brat tried to dig himself out of the hole, “I agree with you on that. I think they’ve walked that back. I don’t think President Obama’s following the president around.”

Tur tried to come back with logic, “I don’t think they’ve walked that back. They certain haven’t apologized for it. They haven’t said no we don’t believe President Obama wiretapped Trump Tower as President Trump claimed in a tweet on a Saturday morning.”

Brat then claimed that since there is an investigation, there is probably surveillance.

Katy Tur asked Brat about the Trump conspiracy theories, and Rep. Brat blamed the liberal media. Brat said that people should look at the “donation tracks.”

Tur asked, “Really? Donation tracks?”

Brat then ranted about The Huffington Post and claimed that the Clinton Foundation was the same thing as Trump being under an FBI investigation.

Katy Tur reminded Brat that the FBI is not investigating the Clinton Foundation, but they are investigating Donald Trump.

Tur reminded Brat that Hillary Clinton is not the president.

Rep. Brat was a fine example of House Republican who when confronted with reality, denied that reality by trying to change the subject by veering into wild conspiracies like the Clinton Foundation, Trump being spied on, and the media being full of liberals.

Katy Tur demolished Brat, not with bias, although that’s what conservatives will claim. Tur made Brat look silly with facts.

The best to understand why Republicans are unlikely to get a health care bill passed is to listen to Brat’s answers. The same group of Republicans who drove John Boehner out of the House is sabotaging any and all policy that doesn’t conform to their ideology.

The dysfunction in Washington was never about divided government. The core of the dysfunction is, was, and will be a group of far-right radicals in the House of Representatives.