Republicans In Total Free Fall As Trump Doesn’t Have The Votes To Pass Health Care Bill

A new count of no votes found that even with Trump lobbying Republicans, he still lacks the votes to get the health care bill passed in the House.

Mark Murray of NBC News tweeted a list of 26 House Republicans who are currently “no” votes on Trumpcare:

Republicans have a 22 seat majority, but if 26 House Republicans vote against the bill, it will fail.

Donald Trump went to the Hill today to persuade Republicans to vote for the health care bill, and he left still lacking the votes to pass the legislation.

The reason why the legislation is looking less and less likely to pass is that the changes that are necessary for the conservative House Republicans to support the legislation would doom the American Health Care Act in the Senate.

There are enough Republicans who have stated that they vote against the bill because of the dropping of the Medicaid expansion to kill it if it reaches the Senate. If the bill gets more conservative to cater to the far-right members of the House, it will be dead on arrival in the US Senate.

The same internal conflicts that plagued Congressional Republicans during the Obama presidency are making it impossible for them to govern under Trump. Republicans have formed a circular firing squad and are taking themselves out.

Winning total control over the Executive and Legislative branches could go down as one of the worst things ever to happen to the Republican Party because the rubber is hitting the road.

Now that Republicans are being forced to govern, the ugly dysfunction and unpopularity of their ideology are on full view for an entire nation to see.