Chris Matthews Burns Trump: He Cares More About Covering Up Russia Than Stopping North Korea


MSNBC’s Chris Matthews issued a brutal takedown of Donald Trump on Wednesday, saying that Donald Trump is more concerned about covering up the devastating Russian scandal than he is about an increasingly dangerous North Korea.

Matthews said that the president clearly “intent on shifting attention from anything that connects him and his people to Moscow.”



Matthews said Trump’s crazy tweets about Barack Obama wiretapping Trump Tower were just the beginning of the president’s distraction campaign:

Today, [Trump] lapped up word that a friendly congressman (Devin Nunes) had said that trump or some of his people have been picked up in government surveillance during the transition period. Well, this continued campaign of distraction makes sense when you see what the Associated Press uncovered just today. Remember all those denials by Trump and his campaign chairman Paul Manafort that neither of them had any dealings with Russia? Remember? Well today, the AP reported that Manafort was deep into Russia – $10 million a year deep. That’s the yearly fee he was drawing from a close Putin associate … I’ll say it again: This Russian connection just keeps building and every time it builds and expands, you have to wonder if Trump himself isn’t worried about what’s swirling around under the covers even more than what’s happening over in Pyongyang with that murderous child and his nuclear bombs. 

Trump’s behavior since taking office – and even well before he even announced a candidacy for president – shows that he only cares about one thing: protecting his image and distracting from any news that may tarnish it.

As his administration continues to drown in the Russia scandal, this is becoming more apparent as Trump’s behavior (and tweets) become more unhinged. Distraction is the president’s go-to strategy.

Trump isn’t interested in maintaining an iota of credibility or even pretending that he cares about the solving challenges facing the country. Instead, he will say and do whatever it takes to divert attention from the growing list of scandals taking down his administration.

The American people and the world are certainly worried about, as Matthews mentioned, the dangerous child playing with nuclear weapons in North Korea – but here in the United States, we have our own childish president putting the world at risk with his unstable behavior.