Malcolm Nance Explains How Devin Nunes’s Russia Stunt Has Backfired On Trump

According to intelligence expert Malcolm Nance, House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Devin Nunes’s attempt to give Trump cover has made things worse for the White House because the former Trump transition official has disqualified himself from any Trump investigation.


During an appearance on MNSNBC, Nance said, “But to say that someone went on our little intelligence Internet and saw a reference to Donald Trump in intelligence product, which can be coming from all over the world including news media reports. At the end of this program, I’m sure Brian Williams will show up in someone’s intelligence product, but that is not collection. That will not validate or give you cover for the charge that you were wiretapped. There was no wiretapping going on here, and there certainly wasn’t this report of intelligence product with Donald Trump’s name on it is just about exactly what we would expect to see in everything. Barack Obama probably has about 20,000 references in our intel pd and all the rest of our products there too. But I think he is doing this to give him cover, and I think he’s just disqualified himself from being involved in any investigation.”

What Rep. Nunes did was actively engage in potentially leaking classified information to help Donald Trump potentially cover-up any crimes that occurred during the presidential campaign. Devin Nunes has disqualified himself and made a case for why there must be an independent investigation into the Trump/Russia scandal.

Instead of helping Donald Trump, Rep. Nunes’s stunt backfired. It revealed that the scandal isn’t limited to the White House. The Legislative Branch of the US government has been compromised by a Trump campaign transition official who is using his power as House Intel Committee chair to help the President Of The United States engage in a cover-up.

Thanks to Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA), Russia has gone from a Trump scandal to a Republican Party scandal.