The New York Daily News Casts Trump as Bumbling Evil Mastermind

The New York Daily News has struck again, leaving MSNBC producer Kyle Griffin to tweet, “Oh. My. God.”

Casting Donald Trump as a bumbling evil mastermind is not at all a reach. Notice they even sound alike when saying “millions” and “billions” of dollars.


And the treatment is in line with previous Daily News Trump covers, which have shown Trump as a zombie clown (“Dawn of the Brain Dead”) in February, and treasonous (“Lock Him Up!”) when he called on Putin to hack Hillary Clinton, to name just a couple prominent examples.

Donald Trump has proven to be woefully uninformed about almost anything you care to name, one of Mark Cuban’s early complaints about his fellow billionaire, and we all know that’s because he doesn’t want to be informed, as we have seen from his one-page, bullet-pointed briefings about incredibly complex matters.


Which is how we got to his infamous statement on healthcare at the end of February, that “Nobody knew that health care could be so complicated.”

As MSNBC’s Chris Hayes tweeted,

The same, obviously, is true of statements that begin with “Nobody.” These express moments of epiphany for Donald Trump, an incredibly ignorant man just learning something the rest of us have always known and probably no longer think about much.

Unfortunately, Donald Trump has also proven that you don’t have to be very well informed, or even moderately intelligent, to do great evil.

Donald Trump continually assures his audiences how smart he is. For example, his excuse for skipping intel briefings, “I’m, like, a smart person.” Apparently, unlike the rest of us, he thinks he learns through osmosis and just absorbs facts out of the air.

Which explains a lot.

Or telling the CIA, “Trust me, I’m like a smart person.” Well, he was smart enough to bring his own cheering section and keep them off camera, because he knew nobody in that room would be cheering for him.

He protests his smarts so much that you begin to wonder if he doesn’t protest just a little bit too much. Perhaps there is some self-awareness lurking under that ominous brow after all?

Moreover, as has been pointed out by astute observers, “Trump quotes make more sense coming from Dr. Evil.”

If the shoe fits, as they say, and it does. And now we have a name for Trump’s obedient servants in Congress, also thanks to the Daily News:

“President Trump, with his Mini-Mes in Congress, has bald-faced scheme to pass Trumpcare at expense of city taxpayers.”

We’re just going to have to be a bit less bumbling than Austin Powers to stop Donald Trump.