As John McCain Calls for Select Committee, Trump Goes Down Swinging at President Obama

Donald Trump is flailing helplessly at this point as the net tightens around his all-too-likely collusion with Russia and he is doing everything he can to divert attention to the wiretapping claims the Wall Street Journal said he clings to “like a drunk to an empty gin bottle.”

This obsession comes amidst John McCain telling Greta van Susteren on MSNBC,

“This is a bizarre situation. I’m calling for a select committee because I think this back-and-forth shows that Congress no longer has the credibility handle this alone. And I don’t say that lightly.”

And former Independent presidential candidate Evan McMullin has joined McCain and Democrats in pushing for a select committee:

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“Every day we learn a little more about Trump’s Kremlin ties & GOP leaders’ unwillingness to get the truth. We need a special committee now.”

Though likely past the tipping point, Trump is not alone, of course, and desperate times call for desperate people,

House Intelligence Committee Chair Devin Nunes not least among them. Nunes went out of his way yesterday to lie on behalf of the man whose campaign he supported.

Trump’s base is 100 percent behind him, and as Mother Jones‘ David Corn explains, now we know just how many of them there are:

That’s not a lot. And these are likely the same people who took offense at fictional “Resistance Radio” from Amazon’s Man in the High Castle series.

It in indicative of Trump’s growing disapproval ratings that it is a smaller total than the sum of Evangelical voters, meaning not every Evangelical accepts Donald Trump as their personal savior.

One of those fanatics who does is conservative radio host Bill Mitchell, who was only too happy to push The Gateway Pundit and Trump only too (desperately) happy to retweet the news about Nunes:

That Trump is reduced to retweeting The Gateway Pundit once removed, is not a good sign for Donald Trump. He’s having to really reach to find support for his Obama lie.

According to Mitchell, however, Nunes’ bid means Trump has been vindicated:

Donald Trump sees the light at the end of the tunnel and it is a light he does not want to go to. He has decided on his remedy and the only way to keep that sweet gig he landed that allows him to take every weekend off for golf is to make everything about President Obama.

No matter how many of his close followers are implicated, Trump will keep pointing at Obama and screaming nonsense. Likely, this is because with Flynn gone and Sessions recused, he has no one left to throw under the bus, no one to stand between a special committee actually determined to get at the truth, and impeachment.

The heads of both House and Senate Intelligence Committees would love to help because they were both Trump guys during the election. At this point, however, there don’t seem to be enough Republicans willing to sell their souls to save Donald Trump.

Even his most fanatical supporters among the GOP cannot attack Obama for doing something no sane person says he did without sounding crazy. And defending the increasingly crazed Trump to convince people he’s not crazy by sounding crazy yourself is not a recipe for success.

The charade that Donald Trump is in any way our legitimate president has worn increasingly thin, and as he flails at President Obama, he stands but one good push away from impeachment for treason.

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