GOP Smoke Screen Falls Apart: Devin Nunes Won’t Deny The Source For His Wiretap Claim Was Trump


Nunes is sorry. So sorry he went to President Trump and the press with “evidence” that Trump was not lying when he falsely accused President Obama of wiretapping him.

Unable to provide evidence or even say who his “source” is, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA) refused to confirm or deny if his “source” was the Trump White House. Nunes further said he couldn’t show his committee the information the “source” provided to him.

“At the end of the day, sometimes you make the right decision, sometimes you don’t,” Nunes said Thursday. “It’s a judgement call on my part,” Nunes said when asked why he raced to the White House with his “evidence” that no one has seen yet instead of, say, sharing it with the intel committee he chairs, and which is investigating Trump for his possible collusion with Russia.


If the “source” of his “evidence” wasn’t the Trump White House, which is known for seeing events that never actually happened and standing by these thin conspiracies no matter the facts, it seems like Nunes would have been happy to announce that.

Instead, we have the bomb thrown yesterday to muddy the waters and feed the Trump cult, who still believe that Obama wiretapped Trump and that Nunes’ revelation that there were multiple FISA warrants under which Trump was caught colluding with Russia somehow exonerates him.

Nunes won’t say his source wasn’t the White House and he won’t show anyone his evidence.

This is the person Republicans chose to run the House Intelligence Committee.

Nunes gives all appearances of working as a propaganda machine for President Trump rather than serving as Intel Chair of a very serious investigation that impacts our national security and sovereignty.

Nunes can’t be working to prop up President Trump’s baseless claims while he pretends to be impartial about an investigation that let’s face it, he never should have been in charge of in the first place given his own position on the Trump transition team – the very team his panel is supposed to be investigating.