Paul Ryan

Angry Paul Ryan Runs From Reporters After Health Care Talks Fail Miserably

After another awful day for the GOP, in which Donald Trump and congressional Republicans failed to come to an agreement on something they’ve promised to do for seven years, Paul Ryan was in no mood to deal with the press.

This was quickly apparent when the Speaker of the House emerged from the failed talks to make a short statement – and he quickly ran off when reporters started asking questions.

Video via MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow Show:

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Ryan made this brief statement, sounding clearly irked by the latest developments: “For seven and a half years, we have been promising the American people that we will repeal and replace this broken law because it’s collapsing and it’s failing families, and tomorrow we’re proceeding.”

One could almost feel bad for the Speaker. Almost.

As short as Ryan’s statement was, one part of it inadvertently showed just how pathetic the Republican effort on health care has been over the course of Donald Trump’s young presidency.

The Speaker was right – they have been on a seven-year crusade to “repeal and replace” a law that has helped millions of Americans get health insurance. There is no question about that.

But the fact that Republicans have been at this for the greater part of the last decade isn’t something that Ryan should be publicly flaunting. After all, if this is how the GOP handles an issue they’ve spent so long preparing for, how can the American people trust them to address other matters?

As the Trump presidency collapses and Republicans have shown an inability to even work with each other, it’s becoming quite apparent that these people simply don’t know how to run the government. This is what happens when you put the spitball-blowing kids in the back of the classroom in charge of the entire class.

The 2018 midterms can’t come soon enough.

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