Republicans Are Committing Political Suicide As Unpopularity of Health Care Bill Hits Deadly Level

A new Quinnipiac Poll shows that the Republicans health care bill is so unpopular (56% disapproval) that it will be nothing less than an act of political suicide for every Republican that votes for the legislation.

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Two questions from the Quinnipiac University Poll show that the health care bill is toxic:

The Republican health care bill is polling at 56% disapproval with 17% approval. Just 41% of Republicans support the bill. Key Republican constituencies are opposed to the Republican bill. Fifty-six percent of men and 48% of white men without a college degree disapprove of the American Health Care Act. The highest approval rating for Trumpcare in any age demographic is 23% with people over age 65. Strong approval of the Trump backed plan is 6%, and strong disapproval is 43%.

There are no good numbers for Republicans on their health care bill. The American people have seen through their con that Obamacare is collapsing, and that accessibility is the same as coverage.

If the vote actually takes place in the House of Representatives on this piece of legislation tonight, it will be a test of how many Republicans are willing to drink the Trump/Ryan Kool-Aid and engage in an act that will go down in American political history as a mass political suicide.

Republicans have gotten themselves into an ugly political quagmire. If they choose to support Trumpcare, they will also be kicking themselves out of Congress.

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