Russia Scandal Causes Roger Stone to Freak Out and Threaten Spankings

Donald Trump champion Roger Stone (he of the constant twitter meltdowns and threats to pretty much anyone who dares to challenge him) is not pleased at all with the mounting Russia collusion evidence that could well implicate him in the biggest treason plot in US history.

It was revealed on Monday that Stone was under investigation for colluding with the Russian government for the purpose of getting Donald Trump elected, and by Thursday his freakout had reached full on Stone style hysteria.

Stone sent a freaked out letter to CNN’s Jake Tapper this Thursday morning that includes calling Democratic Ranking Intel Member Adam Schiff a “p*ssy” and threatened to spank his accusers like children.

“Neither the president or I have anything to fear from a full and fair investigation of these bogus charges of Russian collusion. But now Adam Schiff having slimed me in public session seems to be backing away from the confrontation.”

Stone wants to spank his “accusers” like children, “I demand a right to face my accusers. I will deconstruct their lies and spank them like children.”

If there’s one thing Trump associates know how to do, it’s scream while trying to defend themselves, “Yes, I would do that, watch me act like a thug right now as proof!”

Stone shares a level of public discourse with Trump, so he called Rep. Eric Swalwell (D-CA) a “first term mannequin” and Rep. Adam Schiff a “p*ssy.”

That ought to fix anyone who suspects them of collusion.

Stone denied his collusion in the hacking of the Podesta emails, and yet he proudly telegraphed this event before it happened, much as Trump did during the campaign:

If only name calling could win the intelligence communities over into ignoring evidence. Surely this kind of rhetoric will frighten them, surely they’ve never had a thug try to strong arm them before. This is the crude, small thinking of the Trump crew.

This kind of bluster is a huge tell of weakness. Stone’s letter is full of paranoia about the deep state, wild accusations, self-pity and rage. It’s like Nixon without the decorum and intelligence.

The noose is tightening.

The fact that it has been conservatives who have knee-jerk defended the broad wiretapping capabilities of our intelligence agencies adds a bit of irony to the current situation as they cry about their rights being violated. Their rights were not violated if evidence was collected under a FISA warrant, which even Rep. Nunes conceded it was during his desperate attempt to justify Donald Trump’s paranoid and totally false wiretapping accusation against President Obama.

Being monitored as a part of incidental collection is not being wiretapped. It’s called being really, really stupid. And that is a “you problem.”

Right when you think these people can’t possibly be this ignorant, they demonstrate yet again that they can’t stop themselves from making really stupid moves even as they are under investigation for a horrific crime against their own country. It would almost be comical if it weren’t our country in the balance.

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