Here’s The Proof That Trump Was Crushed By Health Care Bill Defeat

After Trump was handed an epic loss on health care, he tried to spin himself as never having been concerned about immediately repealing and replacing Obamacare, when in reality, Friday’s defeat was crushing for Trump because he has been obsessed with repealing Obamacare for years.

After the House Republicans killed their party’s own health care bill, Trump told The Washington Post, “As you know, I’ve been saying for years that the best thing is to let Obamacare explode and then go make a deal with the Democrats and have one unified deal. And they will come to us, we won’t have to come to them.” This is the exact opposite of what Trump has been saying for years.

The President is also claiming that he never promised a day one repeal and repeal and replacement of Obamacare, “I never said I was going to repeal and replace in the first 61 days.”

Trump repeatedly promised he would repeal Obamacare on “day one,” so if he did ask to pull the vote, that’s a promise he not only failed on day one, and failed again in an attempt, but then failed by giving up – pulling the bill preemptively before total failure humiliated him.

Here’s Trump repeatedly saying, “I am going to ask Congress to send me a bill to immediately repeal and replace Obamacare!”

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And this awkward reminder:

It’s hard to believe Donald Trump didn’t care about this bill. Here’s a roundup of some of his obsessive thoughts on Obamacare:

We all know Donald Trump is obsessed with President Obama. He spent 8 years pretending he couldn’t read Obama’s birth certificate in hopes of undermining the President — the one who won in a landslide, the one with the actual mandate, twice.

Don’t be fooled for a single second. Donald Trump was burning to repeal Obamacare. As a candidate, Trump ran on undoing Obama’s legacy. Repealing Obamacare was going to be his signature achievement. He was going to run for reelection on having repealed Obamacare.

Now Trump has to settle for his undermining of Obamacare, when he instructed the IRS that the mandates were not necessary — a act that will drive up the costs of Obamacare. Of course, Trump and Republicans are blaming Obamacare for their own sabotage of a law that helps Americans live. But undermining is not repealing. The laws that protect vulnerable Americans under Obamacare are still in place.

As the sun sets in the East on a Friday evening less than 70 days into his first term, Donald Trump’s fantasies have been shattered as President Obama’s signature accomplishment has exposed The Art Of The Deal author as a fraud.