Trump Immediately Blames Democrats For His Health Care Bill Failure

President Trump is blaming Democrats, even though 34 House Republicans were poised to vote against the Republican health care bill.

In a phone interview with The New York Times’ Maggie Haberman, Trump blamed Democrats:

Trump isn’t blaming the 34 Republicans who were going to vote against the bill. Instead, he is blaming Democrats for never supporting a bill that would have taken health care away from 24 million people. It’s typical Trump. He is going to blame Democrats for his own failures while refusing to admit where the real problem rests.

If Trump wants Democrats to help him on Obamacare, he can start by actually talking to Democrats about health care.

This is not the fault of Democrats. The blame for this fiasco rests with Donald Trump and Paul Ryan. They tried to jam a health care bill through the House, and they failed.