The Washington Post Calls For the Investigation of Rep. Devin Nunes

The editorial board of The Washington Post is calling for an end to Devin Nunes’ investigation of Trump/Russia contacts and instead investigating Devin Nunes himself.

It is bad enough, as national security expert John Schindler tweeted, that Nunes’ and Trump’s claims about Obama wiretapping amount to a “nothingburger”:

To false accusations leveled against our last president must be added Devin Nunes’ own leak of classified information – right after complaining about the leak of classified information. As the Post explained,

REP. DEVIN NUNES (R-Calif.) on Monday denounced what he described as the illegal leak of classified information concerning conversations between associates of Donald Trump and Russian officials. He insisted that those who described those contacts to the press be tracked down and prosecuted. He demanded that FBI Director James B. Comey confirm that such revelations “violate . . . a section of the Espionage Act that criminalizes the disclosure of information concerning the communication and intelligence activities of the United States.”
Forty-eight hours later, Mr. Nunes himself held a news conference in which he cited a confidential source to describe what clearly appeared to be classified information about intercepted communications involving Trump associates. He did this outside the White House, where he had rushed to brief the president about the intercepts — even though the House Intelligence Committee he chairs is supposed to be investigating the Trump campaign’s possible connections with Russia.

There is no arguing with the editorial board’s verdict that Rep. Nunes “deserves to be subject to the same leaking probe he demanded for the previous disclosures.”

Nor is there any arguing with the editorial board’s conclusion that,

“Mr. Nunes’s antics serve only to underline the urgency of a serious, nonpartisan and uncompromising investigation into Russia’s interference in the election and any contacts between Moscow’s agents and the Trump campaign.”

Devin Nunes represents the Republican Party’s willingness to go to any lengths, including tolerating treason, to push the conservative agenda. Nunes, who is supposed to be investigating the Trump administration, has shown himself instead to be serving the interests of Donald Trump.

House leaders should, as the Post demands, “put an end to the embarrassing travesty being directed by Mr. Nunes” and we should turn our attention instead to the investigation of Nunes himself.

Nunes was trying to protect Trump. What has resulted is a historically significant tragicomedy in three acts, and it is for this the Trump administration will be remembered by future historians.

In the end, Nunes’ efforts have only shown how essential it is that instead of committee investigation, a select committee is appointed instead.

No Republican will be able to protect Trump then, and all Nunes’ dubious antics have accomplished then is to doom the man he sought to protect.