Bill Maher To Trump Supporters: ‘Just Admit He Is A Conman’

Following Donald Trump’s epic fail to impose Trumpcare on the country, even with full GOP control of Congress, Bill Maher urged the president’s supporters to finally admit what much of the country already knows – that Trump is a conman who promised his voters the world during the campaign without any real intention of delivering it.

Maher said that calling Trump a “used car salesman” is appropriate but it’s probably a bit insulting to used car salesmen.

“With a used car salesman, at least you get a car,” said Maher. “With Trump, you don’t get any car but you definitely get taken for a ride.”


As the HBO host noted during his ‘New Rules’ segment, Trump said during the campaign that he would provide health care for all Americans and “get drug prices so far lower than they are now, your head will spin.”

Shortly after his election, though, Trump met with big pharma executives and cut regulations to help them, not the consumers. Then he crafted an unpopular piece of health care legislation that would throw 24 million Americans off their insurance plans while giving a tax cut to the wealthy.

“The Trump approach to health care was never going to be ‘repeal and replace’,” Maher said. “It was always ‘bait and switch’.”

But health care is just one thing promised to fix “immediately” after taking office, as Maher said on Friday night.

Trump also pledged to build the Keystone pipeline with American steel – that’s not happening. He promised to be the president for coal miners, even though his proposed budget would decimate the very states that supported him the most, like West Virginia. He said Mexico would pay for the wall – full stop. Now he says Mexico will pay taxpayers back after they foot the bill for it.

“I know you real Americans hate being called stupid, but you gotta meet me half way and stop being stupid,” Maher said. “You Trumpsters didn’t elect the next Reagan … you elected every cheap huckster who you should’ve known was full of s*** because he was always promising the moon – everything is always foolproof and 100 percent.”

Trump spent the entire 2016 campaign promising what he needed to promise in order to rile up struggling white voters and win votes. Now that he is president, it’s quickly becoming apparent that he had no intention of keeping these promises – only of fooling enough voters into putting him in the White House.