Trump To America: “Do Not Worry,” I Will Not Stop Trying To Take Health Care Away

After failing to pass a deeply unpopular health care plan that would’ve been a catastrophe for millions of Americans, Donald Trump told the American people on Saturday not to worry, he wasn’t going to stop trying.

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“Do not worry!” Trump said via social media, putting to rest any doubt about his priorities.

Instead of acknowledging that his plan was a dud and committing himself to improving upon the Affordable Care Act, he openly said that he is rooting for the failure of Obamacare – a law that millions of Americans rely on.

Despite his recent comments that Democrats “own” the Affordable Care Act, he is once again forgetting that he is the man in charge.

If he and the Republican-controlled Congress would put politics aside and commit themselves to improving the law so that it works more effectively and helps more Americans, then it would not “explode,” as he said today.

No major piece of legislation can survive without being tweaked along the way. That’s especially true when it comes to health care policy.

If the Affordable Care Act does, in fact, fall apart under Trump’s presidency, it will because he and the Republican-controlled Congress were working to undermine the law instead of helping it continue to work for the American people.

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