Huge Hypocrite Trump Goes Golfing for the 12th Time in 9 Weeks as President

Yes. Donald Trump is golfing. Again. As NBC News’ Kelly O’Donnell tells us, “Out of the White House, @realDonaldTrump is now at his golf club in Virginia where aides say he will have meetings in the clubhouse.”

It’s Trump’s 12th golf outting in his nine weeks as president. This has not gone unnoticed by Trump’s critics:

That’s right. This is eight consecutive weekends Trump has gone golfing in his 9 weeks as president. Each trip costs we taxpayers $3 million. At 12 trips that’s a cool $36 million.

Don’t get the idea, however, that Donald Trump only went golfing to work off his frustrations. This was predicted on Thursday:

Now, you might object to Trump golfing on account of his massive hypocrisy and the fact that he doesn’t seem to be showing an awful lot of interest in actually governing the country. But as John Harwood relates, Sean Spicer assures us there is no need to worry on that score:

Oh, well then, it’s all good. No need to panic, even if Trump is advancing his own interests rather than those of the U.S. At no point do the two intersect.

Take heart from the fact that at least he is not trying to govern the country. At least we’re all safer when he’s golfing argues Ana Navarro:

Of course, if he’s not in the Oval Office destroying the country, he could be planning our destruction on the golf course, which is just another argument for the Mar-a-Lago act advanced by Democrats in both House and Senate.

Sean Spicer tells us “the President will continue to go and travel around the country and have meetings to solve the nation’s problems.” We know that’s not true because Trump isn’t interested in actually solving any problems for anyone but Donald Trump.

We don’t necessarily know who he is meeting with, and that’s something any reasonable person acquainted with Donald Trump’s authoritarian habits would want – and need – to know. We would be wise to heed the words of Norm Ornstein this morning:

“Weakness in Trump is dangerous, as for all authoritarians. Time especially for all of us to be on guard and prepare for pernicious actions.”

Golf, as it turns out when engaged in by Donald Trump, can be a very dangerous spectator sport.