CNN Drops The Hammer On Trump And Tells America That The President’s Words Are Worthless

CNN’s Brian Stelter delivered a scathing and factual questioning of Donald Trump’s worthless words and said what few on cable news have been willing to admit on the air. Donald Trump’s promises and words are useless and worthless because he has no credibility.


The Host of CNN’s Reliable Sources, Brian Stelter said:

But, first, what happens when a country — no, let’s change that. What happens to a country when a leader’s words are worthless when their promises are toothless or utterly useless? Is that where we now with President Trump?

From the collapse of the Republican plan to repeal and replace Obamacare, something that Trump said he would do on day one, to the explosive FBI announcement that there is an ongoing investigation into possible links between Russia and the Trump campaign, the common thread here is a White House with a credibility problem that’s getting worse and worse and worse.

You know, “The Washington Post” has been counting all of Trump’s misleading or false claims since January 20th. And you see here, the number is 317 so far.

“The Wall Street Journal” also weighed in this week, saying Trump’s falsehoods are eroding public trust at home and abroad and saying he’s at risk of being viewed as a fake president.

Of course, Trump’s words do have power, the power to inspire and influence, also power to intimidate and incite fear. But journalists and lawmakers and most importantly voters just can’t take him at his word. So, what happens when the president’s words lose all meaning?

Stelter raised an interesting point. If Trump’s words are worthless, and the president lacks credibility, it is time for cable news to stop covering everything that he says. Is it necessary for cable news networks to provide wall to wall coverage of Trump’s rallies when everything he says during those speeches has no credibility, and any promise that he makes will be worthless?

It is important for the press to cover the presidency because the public must be informed, and false statements have to be fact checked, but why not put Donald Trump on tape delay? Even better, when it becomes clear that the president is repeating false statements, cut away from his rally, and stop showing it.

With Trump’s job approval ratings in the dumpster, giving his propaganda events live coverage can’t be good for ratings.

CNN’s Brian Stelter asked some vital questions about the impact of Trump’s lies. America has a president whose words are worthless. Trump doesn’t keep his promises and lies in the same way that the rest of humanity breathes.

At some point, the media needs to adjust its coverage to handle the new reality.

It’s time for cable news to stop giving the uncredible president an unlimited platform.