Joe Biden Admits That He Would Have Run For President And Beaten Trump If His Son Had Not Died

Former Vice President Joe Biden revealed the heartbreaking reason why he didn’t run for president in 2016, but also stated that he had planned on running, and thought that he would have beaten Trump if he would have been the Democratic nominee.

While speaking at Colgate University, the former vice president was asked if he regretted not running. He answered, “The answer is that I had planned on running for president, and although it would have been a very difficult primary, I think I could have won. I don’t know. Maybe not, but I think I could have won, and I had a lot of data, and I was fairly confident that if I was the Democratic Party’s nominee, I had a better than even chance of being president, but um, I lost part of my soul.”

Biden talked about his son Beau and called him the finest man he had ever known in his life. The former vice president said that the family found out about Beau’s illness in August, and he was going announce his run for president in February. Biden said that the press thought that he was playing games with his announcement, but he couldn’t tell them about his son. Vice President Biden said, “He wanted me to run. … My son Hunter, my daughter Ashley, my wife, all thought I should. I didn’t. At the end of the day, I just couldn’t do it.”

It is easy to understand why Biden couldn’t run after the death of his son. The fact that Biden didn’t run is what makes him such a special human being. A different person may have tried to use their son’s death or placed their own ambition over that of their family, but that’s not who Joe Biden is.

No political figure has ever been as emotionally open with the American people as Joe Biden. The former vice president is an honest, open, and genuine human being.

Joe Biden may never get to run for president, and the course of American history may have been changed because one decent man listened to his heart and put his family above all else after the devastating loss of his son.