Devin Nunes Admits He Met With His Wiretap Intel “Source” On White House Grounds

It is all unraveling for House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) as he admitted that the day before he took his claim that Trump was spied on to the media; he met with his source on the White House grounds.

Nunes spokesperson issued a statement:

nunes statement wh

The only way that Devin Nunes could make his activities any more obvious is if he shows up at the next House Intelligence Committee hearing wearing a Make America Great Again hat. Nunes is working for Donald Trump to kill this investigation. There are plenty of security meeting areas in the House. Nunes could have held his meeting on Capitol Hill.

He went to the White House the day before his big revelation because his information came directly from the White House. The Trump administration is attempting to use a member of Congress to sabotage a congressional investigation.

The whole inept cover-up is falling apart. Nunes must be removed from the House Intelligence Committee by Speaker Paul Ryan. The Legislative branch of the US government is now implicated in Donald Trump’s Russia scandal.

Nunes has got to go, and an independent investigation has to be conducted because House Republicans have demonstrated that they can’t be trusted to do their oversight jobs and objectively investigate the Trump/Russia scandal.