GOP Congressman Says Trumpcare Failed Because It Wasn’t As Good As Trump Steaks


On MSNBC’s All In with Chris Hayes on Monday, GOP Congressman Mo Brooks said that the reason Trumpcare failed so miserably was because it wasn’t as good as some of the products the president marketed and sold when he worked in the private sector.

Instantly after the congressman’s comment, Hayes burst into laughter.



Brooks said:

President Donald Trump did the best he could, but it’s not the same as when Donald Trump in the private sector was trying to market and sell first-class products. This was a subpar product and to a very large degree, that explains why the president was unable to sell it. It just wasn’t at the standards that the president’s used to trying to market.

Chris Hayes quickly shot back with his own dig at Trump’s history of “subpar products,” saying to Brooks, “This was more Trump Steaks or Trump Vodka and not Doral Golf Club is what you’re saying.”

Even Brooks couldn’t help but laugh.

The GOP congressman is absolutely right that Trumpcare was a poor product, but it wasn’t just the legislation that was an epic failure. Trump made matters worse by doing a disastrous job of crafting it with congressional Republicans and failing miserably to bring his own party together to achieve a goal they set more than seven years ago.

With full control of Congress and the White House, Trump and Republicans still couldn’t get this done. Under these conditions, anybody Republican president with an elementary sense of dealmaking should’ve been able to get something done.

Instead, Trump failed miserably, and the country is laughing at his expense.

And, with all due respect to Congressman Brooks, if he thinks Donald Trump’s products are “first class,” then I’m not sure he should be in any position of power.