Devin Nunes Just Made Trump’s Russia Scandal A Whole Lot Worse By Refusing To Reveal Source

House Intelligence Committee Chair Rep. Devin Nunes (R-CA) vowed never to reveal his sources for his claim that Trump was spied on to his own committee.


Nunes was asked by a Fox News reporter if he will ever reveal his source. He answered, “We will never reveal our sources and methods.” He was asked if he would reveal his source to his own committee, and he answered, “Nope. Never.”

Rep. Nunes is making the wrong decision with each question that is asked. It is almost like he is trying to make the Russia scandal bigger with an endless series of bad decisions. Nunes should share the source of his information with his own committee, or else it will not be able to carry out a credible investigation. Every time that Devin Nunes gets in front of a television camera, the Russia scandal gets worse for Donald Trump.

Nunes thought that he was protecting Trump by engaging in the cover-up, but he has created problems for the administration by carrying out his cover-up in such a bumbling fashion. Nunes isn’t saving the Trump presidency. He’s destroying it.

Nunes’s refusal to name his source to the House Intel Committee has given the story an infusion of oxygen that will last for days to come. Rep. Nunes has turned into the best friend that Democrats could have, because every time he opens his mouth, he demonstrates why an independent investigation is required to investigate the Trump/Russia scandal.