Mitch McConnell Joins Trump Cover-Up By Refusing To Appoint Independent Russia Investigation

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) claimed that an independent investigation into the Trump Russia scandal is not necessary because he believes that the Senate Judiciary Committee can do the job.


McConnell was asked why he would not support an independent investigation.

The Senate Majority Leader answered, “Because it’s not necessary. Chairman Burr and Senator Warner are working together well. The Senate Intelligence Committee I trust and our colleagues trust to follow every lead. To come up at some point with a report. I hope it will be on a bipartisan basis, and we’ll find out exactly what happened.”

With the House Intelligence Committee being sabotaged by the chairmanship of Trump transition official Devin Nunes, the American people can’t afford to “hope” that the Senate Intelligence Committee can come up with a bipartisan report.

An independent investigation has become essential to finding out the truth. If Mitch McConnell refuses to report an independent committee to investigate the Trump/Russia scandal, he is helping the President cover-up the facts.

This isn’t the first time that McConnell has helped Trump on Russia. Before Election Day, McConnell was informed about Russian election meddling, but instead of standing up for democracy and his country, the Senate Majority Leader refused to issue a joint statement with President Obama condemning Russia’s activities.

Anyone who stands in the way of getting to the truth is aiding Donald Trump.

The American people deserve more for a bipartisan report. The American people must be assured of an independent investigation.